Sunday, January 24, 2010

{A Few Accomplishments}

Soooo....this week I:

{photo courtesy of Eliza's Iphone}

1) Got a new phone after my old Sanyo Katanna II died yet again -- the purple BlackBerry! I like it a lot. The boy has a black one (the previous version) and his had a "roller ball" in the center to make selections, whereas mine does not - it has more of a little "button" that you can push any direction, LOTS better than the ball.

2) Jessica taught me how to crochet hexagons! She also taught me how to crochet granny squares ( I love her! ) She is currently working on a blanket for herself using these hexagons. There will be a heart in the middle and she is using reds and pinks - perfect for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday!

I also came into possession of a used Casio piano keyboard! It is in a bit bad shape and I am working to restore it to a clean, working instrument. I hope to teach myself the basics of piano! More to follow on these developments. I will try to take before and after photos.

Speaking of before and after photos, I have already taken the before photos of my basement craft area, currently under deorganization (must get worse before it gets better!) So as soon as the after comes about I will take photos of it :P

Here is some craft-room inspiration in the meantime:

I need one of these poufs! Jessica is in agreement, so in the near future we will be attempting it. If anyone has a pattern or knows how to do this, let me know!

I love lockers! I would love to have an area of the house with lockers for storage, especially fun colored ones.

Welp - that's all for now folks! Enjoy your week, maybe I will post something mid week :O We will see :)

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