Sunday, January 10, 2010

{Goals} 2010, HERE I COME!

So since before New Year’s Day, and every day after, I have been thinking of and compiling a list of goals for 2010. I have always been one to make a list of "New Year's Resolutions" but this has never really gone far for me. I have not been dedicated to see results from these goals. I am getting into a chapter of my life where I want to accomplish this list. I am tired of being the kind of person that is not self-motivated and I intend to change that this year!

***DISCLAIMER***The reason my goal list is just a list with no hierarchy of importance (and some of the goals are seemingly silly) is because my thoughts all melded together and all of these things are important to me in one way or another. True, some more than others, but I use this as an example of why I am starting this blog. I think it will ultimately help me organize my life and thoughts, so in the future you will be able to read something that makes sense :P! In the meantime, if you are brave you can continue to try to see my method-o-madness.
So here it goes, my list of 2010 goals:

#1 goal = be more organized! --- Just in the goal defining process I have compiled more than 3 lists on random bits and pieces of paper. This is baaad! I have this tendency with notes of any sort. They are scattered about, leaving a trail of destruction on my path.
This is also a concern in other aspects of my life. My craft area being another black hole of death. I often go there to attempt to make something but end up having a creative block because I cannot think straight in such a cluttered mess. This shall be changed! I plan to keep ONE notebook with me at all times so that I can forgo all the scattered thoughts. & the craft space will be re-vamped as soon as I get some time on my hands.
  • · be more organized
  • · start a blog
  • · finish all, or a majority of, incomplete projects
  • · sign up & sell things on Etsy
  • · wear all my jewelry & more accessories
  • · bike! Esp. to places other than my neighborhood
  • · lose weight/feel & look better
  • · save money (I have many places for money, don’t we all?)
  • · paint, draw, and keep a journal
  • · become more proficient at crocheting and knitting (I know the bare essentials)
  • · connect with family and friends again (somehow…)
  • · lust after a vespa scooter and a subaru!
  • · organize my crafting area
  • · visit the library often
  • · create a working catalogue of all my belongings and purge nasties
  • · manage pack-rat tendencies
  • · donate/volunteer to charity
  • · plant a tree
  • · fly a kite
  • · blow bubbles
  • · sew (& try to be decent at it)
  • · cook (specifically baking, but branching out to more advanced things)
  • · hang up all my artwork
  • · use Illustrator
  • · learn to develop film
  • · use my Holga!
  • · scrapbook --- I am going to do it this year!
  • · visit the local museums (and maybe further away (;)
  • · recycle more consistently
  • · be more feminine (being girly feels so great)
  • · set aside creative time
  • · eat more veggies!
  • · pick a school & commit
  • · work harder at Command+Z (the graphic design club)
  • · take more day trip adventures
  • · take more personal photographs
  • · make a routine and stick to it
  • · go to bed earlier
  • · expand camera collection
  • · learn more about web design and experiment with blog
  • · reorganize all digital files
  • · be better about printing out photos and using photo albums
  • · use crafting supplies I already have
**EDIT: I have bolded the ones I have done so far this year (:

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