Sunday, January 17, 2010

{Tough Week} Laaaazy

Hello All!

It has been a weird week. I have been working on a lot of things this past week, but I have been neglecting the blog. It is my last week before school starts back up on Tuesday (I am reaaaaaly excited) so I have been focusing on getting my surroundings in order.

I rode my bike to work on Monday and a couple more times during the week! Big accomplishment, although I did get lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood on the way. Next time I will take my Holga camera and shoot some film on the way ^_^ This is my bike (I got it last year)

I have been in my basement crafting-room every night this week. Working away at the unorganized pit that it has become, the boy and I Skype while I make more of a mess (it has to get worse before it can get better!) If you have any suggestions about organizing a craft-room please leave me a comment!

I finally got around to taking the photos from my Austin trip off my camera & onto my external hard-drive where they are now patiently waiting to be edited :D

Other than that I am just preparing for school! Hopefully once I get my schedule pinned down again the blog will become part of my routine and I can add more details to it! I attempted to add a banner but it turned out funny so I will have to research that a bit more.

{this was just for fun & experimentation, I'll make a different one for the "realsies"}

Welp! I am off to get ready for this evening, the boy is coming home! We are going to the movies and then hanging out all day tomorrow after work!!

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