Sunday, February 7, 2010


I got a FujiFilm Instax Mini Instant Camera for Christmas 2009! This small device is so much fun! My boyfriend, Jeran, ordered it off of an Ebay store and it came with 2 packs of 10 exposures of film, the camera, a carrying case, and like 5 bonus gifts! He had no idea that it came with a sparkly gel pen, mini photo album, a mouse photo stand, and supplies to hang your own mini-photo-line. SUPER neat gift that I would recommend to anyone.

I was devastated when Polaroid discontinued the production of their Polaroid 600 film, so much so that I featured the Polaroid camera in my midterm project last term.

Soooo...without further adieu, here are the photos I have taken so far (minus those that I have given away as little gifts):
{left to right, top to bottom} 1. My best friend Jenny and her husband, Tyson, at the arcade in the bowling alley. 2. Jeran and his oldest cat, Peanut. 3. My older sister, Rose, and I posing with concrete fruit at a Central Market in Austin, TX. 4. Jeran and I sporting mush-taches at a New Year's Eve party (2009). 5. Jeran and I last week. 6. Jeran being a cutie with his Wii controllers.

if anyone is interested I can put up close-ups of the photos so that you can see what the color and texture looks like.

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  1. i would be interested in seeing the close up texture of these photographs.