Tuesday, March 2, 2010

{BIG smiles} A Note From The Boy

This made my week:

Things to do when rita comes home.

(subject to rules and regulations)

1. Weekly date night
2. Unlimited* cuddle time
3. Weekly foot soaking sessions
4. Unlimited* access to my math skills
5. Weekly and/or daily study sessions
6. Weekly trips to walmart together**
7. Weekly movie nights with snuggling and popcorn***
8. Planned bike rides.
9. Daily early morning/late night cuddling
10. Massages as needed
11. Free rides to school****
12. Garage parking*****
13. Unlimited* super Mario bros/wii time
14. Daily shaving for superior kisses*
15. Better food than just chicken nuggets

*subject to time allotted

**which walmart is subject to the time and/or gas available

***can be used in conjunction with the weekly date night

****when schedules permit

*****depending on how much stuff you have in there

My boy is so sweet :) he made this list for me to make me feel better about our current situation (him not living in the same city any longer). I am really thankful to have such a caring and thoughtful boy.

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