Monday, March 1, 2010

{Hello Again}'s been a while since I posted anything. My life has gotten a little bit hectic lately. My classes are starting to increase in work load and anytime I am not at school, working diligently, I am working at a job - but! Enough of the excuses: the point is, I am not giving up! I will continue, even if I miss a couple.

So - here's some crappy-quality-blackberry-photos from my absence!

me sporting an AWESOME hat made by my friend Jessica (the very same who taught me to crochet granny squares)

strolled down memory lane when I visited my old high school as a volunteer for V.A.S.E. - I really noticed things this time around, like the cool 70s-esque vibe the place has. I snapped this photo of the girl's restroom floor while on a bathroom-break. I love the color combination of yellows, browns, whites, and light blues. Maybe I'll use it as inspiration for something someday.

I took way too many of these. I have asthma and this season has been noticeably horrible for it. I have never had so much trouble breathing that I can remember! I don't like my nebulizer, but it does make me feel better. Oh, and yes, that is a Pikachu pillow behind my head.

My kitty, Rhino, playing in my storage bin.

I cleaned the piano...more to come on that - maybe even an entire blog post!
taught Jenny how to crochet granny squares - this is her first one!

started this...a giant granny square blanket! This, too, will most likely get a post to itself just for being such a pain! more of Rhino playing in another storage bin.

More posts to come! I have more blackberry photos, but I figure I have overloaded you enough for one evening.

Bye! XO RitaRoo

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