Friday, May 21, 2010

{PUSH IT} Images

I got a lot of really great feedback on these at the critique we had in class. I have some improvements to make, but overall I am happy about the experimentation I did with this portfolio.



I made these images for my final portfolio in my Digital Imaging II class this past semester (Spring 2010). Here's a little excerpt from my artist statement:

This body of work represents what a workout means to me. I have to push myself each and every time I am there. It is something that is new to me and that I have to really try hard to achieve. I also explored the idea of body image and how together yet scattered one can be on the subject. I chose to portray this idea through placement and distortion of some images laid on top of others. With this technique I attempted to capture the movement of the motions demonstrated in the diagram images by laying them out in interesting ways. The quote I wish to describe this body with is from one of my all time favorite work out songs, “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa. I interpret this song, especially the line, “Push it, push it real good”, to be about pushing yourself further and further to achieve your goals. That, combined with the fact that the song has a great rhythm to keep up with, makes this song all about pushing yourself to the limit to make it to the next level.
I drew my inspiration from the british photographer Rankin, especially his style of cutting up things and putting them back together in a different way - I would like to push this even further in the future and keep working with the concept.
pretty much all of his images in the category "Destroy" drew me in instantly.

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