Sunday, July 18, 2010

{Crazy Distracted} Lately...

Hello there,

It's been a bit hectic in my life lately. Trying to clear away all the clutter in my life and make room for the new! Memories are hard to deal with sometimes, well not so much the memories, but the physical objects attached to them.

Me & my mum had a garage sale this weekend and let me tell you, that is hard work.

I have been having a lot of technical difficulties lately. A lot of them have to do with my external hard-drives. They have been malfunctioning which makes me soooo frantic and worried. And what's worse, now that I have gotten that issue sort of under control, my home internet has been on the fritz. It goes out every like 10 mins, thus no Flickr updates have occurred. I am pretty bummed considering I have been planning on spending all my spare time there and organizing my files, both of which have been unavailable! Very frustrating. But I've used it as an excuse to get some much needed house-work in.

-golfing with friends tomorrow
-hopefully going to start going to my PE class in the mornings instead of after work
-all I want to do lately is crochet
-organized my Harry Potter audio books into playlists in iTunes today
-found a bag of awesome vintage eyeglasses in the garage while clearing it out
-watched Annie on VHS
-taped up all the deteriorated board-game boxes
-got sunburned :(
-sold my youth bike :/ it was time.
-had a lunch date with my favorite crafty lady
-skyped w/ my sister & brother-in-law

So, sorry to say I don't have much to post right now. I always have a thousand ideas on hand, but as soon as I try to put it in a post here I can't seem to let them out...I'll get better, I promise!

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