Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Happenings

Hello there!

I am so very very excited this for this weekend, mainly because my sister (Rose) is in town!

She lives in Austin, TX with her darling husband (Brice) and they have come up to visit for the 4th and to deposit/resituate many of their belongings as they reach their dream of travelling across America in their airstream trailer - you can see their adventures on their new blog!

I love spending time with the pair of them. They are kind-hearted and so full of creativity and love.

This weekend we will:

-have cooking lessons with Brice (he is such a wonderful chef, everything he makes is delicious. he is very savvy in the kitchen)

-make quiche, dishes w/ Quorn, and an avocado-chocolate pie?? It is always interesting because Brice cooks vegan and vegetarian food of which I am hardly ever exposed to.

-breakfast at the local Great Harvest Bread Co

-make "magic"

-get a new inspection sticker on my car

-unload their uhaul contents into their storage unit and go through many many things - their plight to downsize is so inspiring.

-coffee date with my bestie i hope

-2 rolls of film have been dropped off to be developed

-little brother is coming home from camp (i want to work on being closer with my siblings)

-take and share many photos!

On another note...

Does anyone else feel unprepared sometimes? I ask this because I was recommended for a photo gig for someone I have never met (I have only ever done shoots with people I know!!) and it makes me kind of nervous. I am still so unsure about my skills, even though I like what I produce, I have a tendency to pick it apart and think of all the ways I could have improved. I photograph the people who know me because they care about me and won't be disappointed in my work. I have been playing it safe for far too long, I feel like I need to do this. But I am so shy -- how can I overcome this?

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