Saturday, August 21, 2010

Late {WIP Wednesday} No. 3

So...the internet at my place is still not 100%, but it was enough to get this post off my mind and into cyberspace. We are troubleshooting to see what is causing the problem and it takes time. Frustrating!

Anyway, here's a little bit of what I've been up to lately.

I made a gift bow using this tutorial for a friend's birthday gift. It turned out pretty cute and was really easy. I like the idea of using these for everything and making them out of all sorts of found papers.


(please excuse the blurry photo!)

Met with some friends for a Crafty Coffee Date...

and decided to make some T-yarn. I have been itching to try this for some time now. There are several great videos and tutorials out there. I just did a broad search and watched a few videos and read a few blog posts to sum up what I needed to do to make it work.

I got these T-shrits for free and thought their colors would go nicely together.

I don't have many in-the-process photographs, so here's the end product: I also learned to crochet in a circle using the T-yarn I made!

The 3 shirts I used for the t-yarn turned into this delightfully small rug. On the last round I ran out of the dark grey t-yarn and so it is an incomplete circle, but I think it adds some character to the rug. It might even be cute to make it into some sort of animal face by adding eyes or a mouth at some point...thoughts :)

Here are a few of the in-progress shots I did manage to take (actually, Jeran took via his EVO cell phone camera)

and some more completion photos:

Learning to crochet a circle has been on my wish-list since I started crocheting. I have always wanted to learn this skill since so many of the cool projects incorporate it (ex. HATS). The "back to the basics" series on YouTube is immensely helpful! I coudn't have done it without that sweet woman's help. I can't wait to practice and teach my other beginner crochet friends.

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