Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today started out really well and then went to the dogs.

I've been in my pajamas since about 7 PM. All I feel like doing is sulking.

The main issue is my being upset about a social interaction/situation. I happen to be about the most awkward person in the Universe. I can't seem to talk about my feelings, of which I have a lot. Anytime I even think about talking it out I have a near panic attack. I don't know where all this anxiety comes from!

I care about everything. I have a hard time letting the small things go. So when I have these social hiccups with the people I am close to it is especially hard on me.

I analyze everything twice over and obsess about what I've done wrong, or spend way too much time imagining all the different outcomes of the different way I can say something. It is exhausting, physically and emotionally.

I just needed to send this thought process out into the cyber-void. Thanks for listening.
a drawing I did not too long ago of a Fuji Instax camera

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