Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well it's already been a week, can you believe it?

I've been doing many things lately. I've been getting ready for the upcomin
g semester, filling out my application to TTU for the spring semester of 2011, helping buddies with their photography skills, thinking of starting up a small photo club, reorganizing the bedroom, crafting, and tons of laundry.

**Warning: This is a photo-heavy post

Here is the project I've been wanting to show for quite some time now:


It started out humble enough, on my couch as a small lap blanket in February of this year.

(beginning stage)

but soon it grew, and I was convinced that it needed to fit my queen sized bed.
(middle stage)

This is the hook I used to crochet the blanket:

And here it is as of the beginning of this week - large enough to cover most of my bed.

Mission accomplished!

On a side note: I have been working on this little treasure for a friend's birthday. It is currently being packed up so it can be mailed off to her.

It's a granny square banner :) I hope it brightens up its new home.
I hope your week is going well and you are being productive. Keep it up!
XO Rita JO

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  1. My granny squares are definitely not as pretty as yours...I need to practice more.