Saturday, September 4, 2010

{Then & There} Where I am now

I am currently in Lubbock, TX on a spontaneous boy-visiting trip. It is a long weekend, so this will be just wonderful!
Here are some things I have planned for while I am here:
-Cuddle time with the boy
-A fun photo shoot, editorial style I hope
-Girl time with a like-minded creative soul
-Getting my finances under control and focusing on keeping them that way
-Playing Lego Harry Potter
-Buying new shoes (all the black shoes I own have disappeared)
-Wishing my Dad a happy birthday (on the 5th)
-Coming up with something great to make/give him
-Sketchbook mania

Obviously I have a lot planned! I guess I better get to it!

An announcement I'd like to make (finally) is that I am switching jobs. It's going to be a huge change, but a good one.

My last day at my current job was yesterday. It was a bittersweet moment. I will miss the office and the coworkers I have worked with for 2 and 1/2 years.

But I am on my way to a new office, at a design firm! Stoney Hollow Design will be welcoming into their offices on Tuesday. I will also be working with fun people doing design for local businesses and using my creativity! This is the best thing that could happen to me right now.

I have been at a standstill with my art for a while, something that I attribute to spending so much time not using that side of my brain. I think this will help me with not only my career, but with my personal work as well.

I am more than excited and cannot wait!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Labor Day holiday,
XO Rita JO

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