Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{WIP Wednesday} No. 6: Grayscale


My new job is awesome! One of the best benefits (there are so many) is that I get to wear whatever I please. This is a long-lost freedom that I gave up after joining the workforce at age 15. So needless to say, I am pumped about expressing myself through clothing once again.

On to WIP Wednesday...

My one photography geared class is going well. It is a basic course, the 2nd part of Fundamentals of Photography (introductory course). I should have taken it right after
completing the 1st portion, but I put it off until now, right before my graduation. This has made it a major review for me - a good thing for sure. It is easy to forget some of the basic things that you need to know just for camera operation.

Lately we have been learning about grayscale and tonal distinction. We will be working with black and white images mainly, which will be different from my usual use of color.

Here's my image from our first assignment (converting to grayscale and looking at the tonal range):

(final image for the assignment with the grayscale attached at the bottom in b/w)

(image before the grayscale...almost complete)

(image with no editing whatsoever, straight from camera)
P.S. Don't be harsh about unedited! Needs some color correction :)

I haven't gotten a grade on it yet, so I hope I did it correctly!

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