Wednesday, September 15, 2010



It has been a crazy week.
I had so much to do and a lot of it has been put off for another time, but here's what I have been doing:

Working on my birthday list:

#1 - I am running for an officer position in my college's photography club, wish me luck!
#2 - I have been very inspired by kim's doodling before bedtime, I might start doing that this week...
#5 & #18 - I wrote Jeran a letter last week :D and mailed it even. Plus, after #7 I am sure I will have many thank you notes to write.
#8 - I completed many craft projects, many more to go...progress nonetheless :)
#10 - My peg board is up and wonderfully organizational, it has saved me so much space.
#11 - I painted (meant to have a photo of it...but maybe later)
#12 - started to read To Kill a Mockingbird

back to #7 - The kick ass party is underway! Thanks to my super sweet friend we will indeed be having a Harry Potter themed birthday party for me :) I'll share details soon.

I wanted to have photos of these things for you, but it has been such a hectic time. I will have to play catch up at some point.

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