Monday, October 25, 2010

{Ballooon Fest} Photos

I went to the beautiful Palo Duro Canyon this weekend for the 4th annual "Pirates of the Canyon" Balloon Festival and got some experience with shooting before the sun came up :)

You can see the moon, way up past its bedtime, above.

the parking lot lights made exposure tricky!

Although the weather conditions were not balloon-flying-fit it was neat to see them all blown up and play around with composing images with such large subjects.

I really really want to go to Albuquerque's annual hot air balloon festival someday.


Can you see the difference in the photos above? The first one is on auto white balance. The second is set manually to "incandescent" light. The parking lot's lights were very yellow, making the first photograph appear very red in nature. While there are corrections one can make in Photoshop, nothing beats the ease of switching your in-camera white balance.

Lighting can be crucial to how your colors turn out in a digital photograph.
Most cameras also have settings for fluorescent, direct sunlight, shade, cloudy, and flash. Know your light!
That's another good reason to invest in "daylight balanced" light bulbs if you'll be shooting anything indoors.

Hope this helps! How was your weekend?
XO Rita JO

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