Monday, October 4, 2010

{Monday Again} Another Beginning

Usually the drive between Amarillo, TX and Lubbock, TX is dull at best, but yesterday the sky was full of beauty and interesting things to look at.

I love clouds! If you were to look inside my "personal images" folder on my hard drive you would probably find a photo of the sky from each photo session. I can't stop looking up!

I had a pretty awesome weekend spent with my love.

  • I finally got around to writing out all my thank you notes from my birthday.
  • I received a few more birthday presents (it has lasted like a month long!).
  • I figured out how to use iTunes to purchase music, a scary thing for me - I could spend a lot of money there I'm pretty sure.
  • My sister and brother-in-law (Rose and Brice) came into town. This was such a surprise! Plus the best part is that they are staying all week ^_^ I have quite a few craft projects planned for while they are here.
  • For the first time in a long time I finished all my homework like planned. Generally I work on one thing when I need to work on five. That means tonight all I have to do is study for my Astronomy test.
I have loved getting all the comments on my last post, the owl trivet giveaway!
I am definitely taking all the suggestions to heart and will be starting fresh and new this week. I hope to share more and be braver. Thanks to everyone who has given me some feedback so far, I appreciate it! Winner of the giveaway to be announced on Wednesday!

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