Wednesday, October 6, 2010

{WIP Wednesday} No. 8 - Winner!


It is now time to announce the owl-trivet-giveaway winner!

Congratulations to...
Cheryl of littledeadmommy!

Thank you to everyone who participated and gave me great suggestions!
I will definitely be utilizing all the insight I got and incorporating new things to the blog.
Feedback is awesome and I really enjoyed "meeting" you newcomers, it is very encouraging!

On to the WIP Wednesday:

This is a corner of my bedroom, a rather bare space at the moment. I have not really put much effort into decorating seeing as I know that this space is pretty temporary for me (or at least I hope so!), but it needs to be warmed up and personalized a bit more.

So yesterday I decided to hang up some disco-ball-xmas-ornaments from the ceiling. I love it when the light hits all the tiny mirrors and sends beams bouncing off all the surfaces in the room. Pretty much anything shiny will get me hooked ;)

Here is more or less how they turned out - I have 6 ornaments in total, and hung up 3 yesterday. I am planning on hanging the other 3 in the opposite corner of the room.

The process was really simple: I used fishing line to suspend the decorations, attaching the line to the ceiling with clear thumbtacks.

It is a small thing, but really adds some depth to the space and warms up those sterile white walls.

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