Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{Welcome Back} Goodbye November

Hello again! It has been a while. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday, I know I did! I got plenty of rest over the break and got to spend most of it with Jeran, so I would call that a success :)

There was much feasting, playing of games like power Uno (aka full-contact Uno) and CatchPhrase, and getting together for the fun of it. I have a few Uno inspired crafty-projects coming up as a result ;)

I had made some "mustaches on a stick" for our Thanksgiving fauxtobooth at Jeran's family's shindig, but we ended up having too much fun and forgot to set it up! I'll just have to save them for our Christmas get together next month.

Speaking of next month...

I have many changes coming up, including the opening of my ETSY shop! I'm having a custom banner designed and many cosmetic changes will also be happening here...so if you find yourself at an unfamiliar blog, fear not! Change is for the better, and will hopefully make this place more appealing :)

sorry for the lack of photos, but my to do list is increasingly overwhelming. December 1st will be spent working through that! I'll be back, promise

XO Rita JO

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