Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break 2011!

As a student spring break is always an occasion to celebrate. That's why this week, since I have had to work my spring break away, I took myself out thrifting as a treat for making to this week! It feels like this semester may never end...

I found some pretty good stuff considering I haven't found a thrift shop I truly love here in Lubbock. I set out specifically in search for some dishes to fill my cabinets with. I have many things in my limited cabinet space, but actual dishes (plates and bowls) are scarce! We've been eating off of them and having to do the dishes waaay too often for my liking :P
I only found a few...this may be the perfect excuse to distract my friend Jenny this weekend into taking me to Amarillo's shops (they have a much better selection).

Speaking of Jenny -- I can't wait to see her! I will be helping her out with a project for her etsy shop this weekend.

I found myself a spectra polaroid camera while out and about! After reading this post from fieldguided I am very excited to order some of my own film for it!

That's all I have for now...I've got a lot of homework to finish up before I can truly enjoy this break.
Oh! And in case you are curious, this semester I am enrolled at Texas Tech University and am taking Drawing II, Design II, Art History Survey I, and Statistics (bleck!).

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