Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend Thrift Trip

I scored some goodies when I went back home to visit the motherly figures of my life last weekend.
  • A battered puzzel of the United States, cut along state lines ;) Jeran and I plan on working it when he gets back next week (he's taking a mini-cation).
  • A juice tumbler in a really cute print
  • 2 Pyrex containers featuring one of my all-time favorite prints

The puzzle's box is pretty beat up and didn't want to hold all the pieces very well so I put them all in a large baggie. Hopefully there won't be any missing, although it wouldn't surprise me.

And here is a detail shot of the container's lid. There is a bit of paint caked on to some areas so I'll have to give it some TLC. This print is the same that is on a set of dishes my parents got as a wedding gift. It is so darling and wonderful! I hope to find more pieces soon. Does anyone know the name of the print? It wasn't on these containers...

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