Monday, June 6, 2011

Possum Kingdom! The lake...


I just got back from a magical long weekend at the lake. We went to Possum Kingdom which is roughly 4 hours away. Jeran's family has a reunion of sorts there every year. This was my 4th year attending!

On my very first trip to this lake I was imagining a sort of possum themed amusement park. Sort of like that one on the Goofy movie! I doodled possums the whole way there that year...

We always have such a blast catching up with the relatives that live further away.
We were afraid we wouldn't be able to go since a lot of the park was destroyed in a wildfire, but the area we stay in was not affected.

The "Golden Cove" is where we spend most of our time when not on the boat. It has a sweet little beach where the kiddos swim and build sand castles. We've made some pretty impressive ones in the past ;)

This year I took along a pair of binoculars. My dad gifted them to me when I was young as a Christmas gift. I hadn't really ever used them and they had been collecting dust in the top of the closet for the past 10 years! It was really neat to look across the lake and follow various wildlife with them!

I'll be sharing more photos soon after I gather them all together. Especially some of the instants I took of the local deer population!

See you soon,

XO Rita Jo

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  1. Ah! I have family at Possum Kingdom, too!
    My mom also lives in Mineral Wells (about an hour from there)

    Great photos! :)