Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Painting} First homework

So I started classes last Thursday and over the weekend I was given "homework" in my Painting 1 course.  Already?? Luckily it was only prepping paper for the next (this) week's assignments and a simple color study.

(tape-ing off watercolor paper in order to coat with gesso)

 As you can tell in the photo above, the tubes of paint we were required to purchase for this class have slight differences. One color is more "bias" to the warm side, while the other is more bias to the cool. In order to get a neutral/"true" color you have to mix them together. That's what the color study was about. You needed one true yellow, red, and blue. Then you also had to mix those true colors together to form a neutral black.

 And of course I made a big huge mess while doing all of this :) 

I'll be back to share more from my classes later on. I'm really quite excited for this semester! 

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