Monday, August 22, 2011

Plant update...

It has been really quiet on my blog lately. I've been busy with work and getting ready for school to start. I can't seem to get caught up with my images and blog posts! I still need practice at planning ahead...
So today I am working on just that, catching up :)

Remember when I planted some seeds at the beginning of summer? Well, here's that update I'd been saving:
Look, they have REAL leaves, that you can actually recognize the plant from: Cat Nip 
Then disaster (aka over 106° weather for prolonged periods) struck and they wilted, shriveled up, and died. I was very sad about their loss. I had plans to dry that out and make cat toys with! I will have to try again next season..or for sure keep them inside. The only problem with that is that the windows in my apartment don't get a whole lot of light, and there are no real ledges for a window box. I'll have to get creative ;) 


  1. Oh, no! It looks SO good! Ugh. I can't stand this heat. It has NO mercy.

    Um, Nashville...I'm on my way. lol

  2. I meant to say "looked." Past tense.

    My security word was dinopipi