Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Happiness

My summer will soon be at an end. I want to enjoy my last moments of sanity before my busy semester beings! I am sitting on my brother's new-to-him scooter, which just makes my lust for such an item even stronger. I have always wanted a scooter, an older style with the bubbly sort of body and huge, round headlight. Preferably in an awesome vintage looking color. Kim's scooter makes me drool.
I have also been wearing the heck out of my glitter toms, they're so comfy and go with everything (remember how I mentioned yesterday about glitter making everything better? haha). 

I am excited for the school year to start again...this time I have a lot more classes that I actually want to take instead of just having to take them as a requirement. 
I am signed up for:
Theories and Practice in Art (teaching art)

I am also looking forward to pinning down a routine for myself...including:
waking up earlier in order to have more time for necessary things (packing a healthy lunch, blogging, etc.)
going to the school gym - I only took advantage of the huge, nice facility twice last semester, and this time around I intend to go weekly and on a schedule.
making time for a social life - with everything going on during the school year it is easy to disappear and not socialize with people. I made friends last semester, but it was more like "school" friends, where you can't see each other in any other way...this time I want to hang out outside of class and make something that will last longer than a semester!


  1. I'm drooling along with you at that girl's scooter. I'm a wimp when it comes to that sort of thing though. I feel like I'd kill myself.

    I need to start changing my routine around for school too. Blehg.

  2. such a cute scooter. Sounds like you have a fun list of classes. I tried ceramics once but never could get centered :) lol

  3. I can't believe another school year is starting..... and I don't have to go anymore! Ha, sorry to rub it in. LOVE YOU!