Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The big surprise...

My birthday came and went this year. It sort of snuck up on me as things do more frequently since I've gotten older. For the past month or so Jeran had been teasing me, telling me that he had plans for a big surprise involving my birthday and my birthday present. He was secretive and very protective of his Facebook account. When we first started dating he could never wait to give me gifts and I always ended up with them early. However, it seems he has grown accustomed to my persuasive tactics and is now on guard at all times.

So this past weekend he took me home to Amarillo to see my family and have a small gathering with his family as well. My birthday was on Sunday and boy was it a good one!

We had a lovely time, did a bit of thrifting, ate lots of great food, and had loads of time with loved ones (something that is scarce these days).

At the end of the weekend, with my birthday growing nearer and nearer, my surprise gift was finally unveiled:

That's right! I am now the proud owner of an iPad2!!!
Jeran planned to get it for me (and most likely count it as a birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gift) and asked his whole family to chip in.. and they did! How sweet is that? It made my heart swell when I heard that it was from everyone.

I have always wanted an iPad, and now, thanks to my sweet boyfriend, I've got one.
They're dead useful. I've already used it with school work, emailing professors, and looking up maps.
There are so many apps to download and explore! I don't really know where to begin.
I've already got most of the common ones: Netflix, iBooks, Skype, Weather, Calculator, etc.
I've also got some neat ones that I'd heard about previously: Urbanspoon, Shazam, Instagram
Then of course I've downloaded some for pure pleasure: Words with friends, Pandora, Lion Brand, Checkers, and Jeran's favorite, Garage Band.

I am looking forward to finding and trying even more.
Like Wunderlist that I learned about from Kirsten. Do you have any suggestions? I'm looking for one that will take screen shots as well.


  1. Hey new friend! Glad you enjoyed my little cut outs, AND your birthday!

  2. I'd love to get an ipad.
    And ps- I love your glasses :)

  3. BOOM, nailed it.

    told you your glasses were awesome