Friday, September 16, 2011

Ceramics // Hand-building

So I've shown you something from my other studio classes, and this is my last one: Ceramics, intro to hand-building.
My professor is really nice and funny, and he's in our textbook!
By the time I get to this class I've been at school for a whole day and then some. Sometimes that makes it harder to concentrate, but I've enjoyed our first project. We didn't have too many guidelines, just to create something using the techniques that were demonstrated. We had to make small clay models and build off of the ideas of that into larger pieces. Of course, I chose owls for my first project :3

<Here's one of my initial models>
<The finished product, ready to fired in the kiln>
When I showed the class my initial models during our min-critique I was given the suggestion of making them stack on top of each other, an owl totem pole of sorts. I like the idea, and so when everything is done drying and has been fired I'll be putting them together to make one piece. 

 <Detail owl, large & on bottom>
 <Detail owl, small & in middle>
 <Detail owl, medium & on top>

Our next project is to do an "alter-ego" piece. I have some ideas to sketch out over the weekend!

Now you've seen something from all my studio classes, but I'll also be sharing things from my Visual Studies (art education) course soon.

Have a wonderful Friday!
XO Rita JO

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  1. You are so talented. I love the idea of stacking them.

    I can't wait to see them throughout the process so you better keep us updated! :)