Friday, September 30, 2011

craving crochet

I have been finding SO much crafty inspiration via Pinterest lately. All I want to do is make beautiful crocheted items lately. I don't have time for that right now! So for now I get to drool over my latest findings, imagining the day when I will finally get to attempt to mimic them. 

I also found this gorgeous blog of a woman who crochets for a living, her creations are all so sublime:

What have you been pinning lately? I am slightly addicted to the site. 


  1. I've been really wanting to expand my stitch knowledge. I use WeHeartIt instead of Pinterest, so I get some inspiration from there.

  2. Of course I love the scalloped one.

    I found a tutorial for how to make a Missoni for Target inspired chevron throw. I've decided I am going to learn how to make it!! Or else! haha