Friday, September 16, 2011

Fit to wear out... in the rain!

So this week has been amazing weather-wise. September is always the time where the Texas Panhandle seems to morph into a different season. Specifically right around my birthday. I also remember this because the Texas Tri-State Fair is always in town around my birthday, and you can always count for that new crisp air to arrive with it.
So this week we've had rain and chilly weather.

  I broke out my rain gear yesterday! I rarely have an excuse to wear them, so I like to go all out when the weather permits. 
 I haven't quite figured out the art of self-portraits... especially hiding the remote! Do any of you have tips? I think just getting used to being on this side of the camera will be the trick. I'll even be happy if I can manage to stop making funny faces while concentrating, haha! 

So that is what I wore yesterday and to campus while the rain poured. I hope this lasts all weekend. I would love to spend time curled up with a good blanket and a nice boy.


  1. I love it! You're so cute. That dress is so pretty, where is it from?!

  2. It is from Target :D I think it transitions pretty well to a winter dress when paired with neutral-ish tights :)