Wednesday, September 14, 2011

University Perks

One of the things I absolutely love about my University is their library.

I would really love to go and have a photo shoot within all those rows upon rows of books. 
If I didn't have to go there with purpose, and had time to just sit and read for leisure I am pretty sure I could spend entire Saturdays tucked away in their many study cubicles. 

This week I've checked out a movie: Harry Potter Bonus DVD
 I'm excited to watch it. It's one of my wishes to have all the films' Ultimate Editions someday. 

There are tons of DVDs at the library for students to check out. They've even got sections full of films in foreign languages :3 I'm excited to use this resource and get my tuition's worth. Plus I've cut back on my Netflix account since they changed their pricing, so my discovery of the DVD wing in the library was perfectly timed.

Have you found any awesome hidden gems lately?

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  1. I love my school's library too. Except their fiction section is lacking.