Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Visual Studies // Show & Tell

My education class, as a Visual Studies major, Theories and Practice in Art is quite interesting. As part of the class we are sharing our artwork. So I've gathered some of my favorite projects to share with the class and you!

I have done a pretty poor job of documenting my work since coming to Texas Tech, so all that I am showing is a bit dated. Some of the images are my favorite pieces, and at the end you'll see the end product of that tease I gave you last week ;) 

Calendar project from "Computer Illustration" Spring 2009

Dinosaur series from "Digital Imaging I" Fall 2009

Surrealism project from "Digital Imaging I" Fall 2009

And finally, what you've been waiting for: my pin project from metals this semester (Finally! Something current!) Of course, as we were to pick one of our favorite things to represent with several elements, I chose Harry Potter as a theme. I call it my Harry Potter Stag. 

Besides being a stag, he's also got a lightning scar, a (would-be) Gryffindor scarf, and a pair of adorable Harry Potter trademark spectacles. 
 This is the only photo I was able to snap before turning it in earlier today, but I'll be sure to take proper ones at a later time. After trying to find documentation of the past year or so art projects I can tell this is an aspect I need to work on!

How do you keep up with documenting your work?

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