Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Playing catch-up!

In the spirit of getting back on this horse, hello!

I've been MIA from my poor little blog for a while now. It seems I am just not motivated to sit down and document all the crazy that has been going on lately. I've got a lot of changes happening in my personal life, which has distracted me quite a bit. Mostly in a good way, but change is never very easy for me.

SO! What's happened since I last wrote you? 

I'll start with showing you how my art projects turned out. 

Metals-- finished rings!

Painting -- triptych self portraits (emotional/psychological coloring) done!

 always making a mess with paint

Our first watercolor still life...

I am currently reorganizing my computer (which I have been just dumping photos and documents into), sipping vanilla chai, and listening to my boy play his new game: Batman Arkham City

I'll be sharing more in a bit, promise! (: 


  1. Oh wow I love those rings. I wish I had a metal shop class at my school. So jealous!

  2. Those are all so amazing. I am so proud of you. :)

    Sipping vanilla chai sounds wonderful and my computer needs organizing, too. I am putting it off until I get an external hard drive. ;)