Sunday, January 15, 2012

Freezer Burn

I went to a music/performance festival with my sister this weekend. It was called Freezer Burn. It was really cold, but we had a good time despite the chill factor.

I made a unicorn hat for the occasion, here's my sister modeling it:

We got to stay in an old school bus that has been converted into an RV. It had running hot and cold water, a shower, a mini kitchen with both freezer and fridge, and two queen sized mattresses. We didn't really rough it at all, which is good since I haven't exactly ever been officially camping. :)

 I'd like to do that this year, once the weather is more cooperative for sure!

So the "burn" part of the festival was the main attraction. They build an effigy (it was a Yeti this year) and at the end of Saturday night they set it ablaze. It was the closest to fireworks I've ever been! Yikes.
I only took my Instax for the burn and haven't gotten around to scanning the image. The warmth from the fire made the evening seem worthwhile and it was a very pretty fire.

I am missing the wide open skies of the panhandle. We were out in the country and in an open field a lot this weekend, and the stars were amazingly beautiful which reminded me of how much easier it is to view them from my hometown.

Well, I am off to clean house, watch some How I Met Your Mother and skype with my boy!
Have a great ending to your weekend (:

<3 Rita Jo

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