Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Magical Me

I have been meaning to share this one since November last year, enjoy!


Our latest self portrait was due in painting last week. We had to portray ourselves wearing/encompassing a persona. Not necessarily an alter ego, but sort of, if that makes sense.

I wanted to do something different and "me" so I chose to paint myself as a unicorn. Unicorns live in a very special part of my heart. They are pure, magical, and just so darn cute. To me they represent a lot of the good, untainted, and wild beauty in the world (even if they are fictional/mythical).

This was my initial sketch when introduced to the assignment:

Here are some sources I used for inspiration on the hair/makeup/horn.

My friend Sara helped me do my hair and makeup for my test shots. I used these images to actually map out my face and the angles of my body, etc. The cool thing about painting is that you don't have to follow the photograph. For instance, in the end product I ended up elongating my features a bit in order to make them more horse-like.

Here are the steps I took while painting this portrait: I was using a new-to-me technique called Glazing. You start out by laying down a value scale (the black and white image) and then layering thinned down acrylic paint on top to achieve the colors you want. It is neat because you don't have to waste as much paint (I wasted A LOT of paint during the first half of this class) or spend as much time figuring out the value scale in accordance to the colors.

I sprayed the whole thing with glitter and taped the canvas off to appear like a Polaroid. 

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