Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I have a tradition of getting Jeran ridiculous tokens of appreciation for Valentine's Day. I especially love getting him trophies :) I've gotten him a few "1st place" ribbons before as well. 

This year was no exception, only this time I went a lot bigger!

Here he is opening his gift and pulling out the trophy. 

The inscription reads, "MOST SPECTACULAR BOYFRIEND 2012". 

The story behind this particular trophy is quite the tale. I knew when I was on my trip in Austin visiting my sister that I wanted to find Jeran something for Valentine's Day, and seeing as I hadn't gotten him a trophy in a while, that is what I had my eyes peeled for.
The Austin area has some amazing shopping, and more importantly, amazing vintage shopping. We went into a vintage home decor store and there it was! The beaut was chilling on some midcentury furniture, dirty as scuffed up as could be, but I knew that I would transform it into something that would hopefully blow Jeran's mind. 

 The original inscription reads: 
I would love to know what it's first destiny had been, who had earned the right to take it home in 1961, for what, and where.

As you can see here, the cup's clear coat had started to deteriorate and appears to be pitted. 
So I rigged it up in my backyard and spray painted it gold to match the custom inscription I was having made. It turned out better than I had hoped! 

I hope your Valentine's Day went as swell as mine did :) 

P.S. I FINALLY learned how to do a GIF file in Photoshop!! You may see a lot more of them in the near future until I wear out the "ohmygoodnesslookatwhaticandonow" effect. 

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