Monday, March 26, 2012

Recent Purchases

So I got off track on my photo-a-day because I started using several different cameras, and then they weren't available for getting my photos off of them. I have a pretty bad habit of just using whichever camera is available to me at the time, and not carrying my nice one with me always. I think it is because I am afraid something will happen to it. I suppose I need to get a different sort of case for it so that I can just stick it in whatever bag I happen to have with me (as opposed to it having it's own special bag). 

Anyways...Here are a couple of photos from a day of mine sometime last week (sorry! I'm still working on it!) where I made a few purchases:

I am pretty pumped about using the graph paper sticky notes. I have fallen in love with the look and style of graph paper lately. I also got new headphones seeing as mine, which I got from about 2 years ago with the purchase of my iPod, kept shorting out on me while doing cardio at the gym. Sadly, not having headphones drastically decreases my motivation for the gym and I haven't been in over a week :S Now I have one less excuse!

& I got a new nail polish after seeing it at Kirsten Renz's blog, 909 Cherry in this post - I knew immediately that I had to have this color, Orly's 'Rage'! It is so gorgeous in photos, and in real life.

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