Friday, April 6, 2012

I got the chance to visit IKEA when I was in Austin. I love flipping through their catalogue and imagining my things displayed within their modern, posh furniture.

  1. I think this clock/bookshelf is just darling and would fit perfectly into a nursery. 
  2. Their wardrobes that span the length of walls make my walk in feel drab.
  3. These hexagonal mirrors can be arranged any way you like.
  4. This six drawer chest with collapsable mirror on top would make getting ready in the morning more convenient. 
The show room in IKEA is like going through a maze, a warehouse converted into a hundred different lifestyles and living quarters. I think I may have gotten a bit of inspiration overload in fact :P 

I think I've discovered my decorating style thus far (as it is still very undeveloped) is that I like modern elements, but want an overall mix matched style with both modern and vintage/retro items. Luckily, there are a lot of design blogs and sites devoted to this type, so I have plenty of eye candy to daydream over. 

What is your style? Any good sites to recommend I look into? 

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