Sunday, April 15, 2012

Washi Tape!

I have been wanting some washi tape for aaaages... and today, after a fellow Instagram-er posted a photo of some that she picked up from Target, I knew I had to act!
I've seen many many varieties online that I've yearned for, but being online and that I'd never had any chance to play with any, I didn't want to purchase that way.

So here is my first little "swatch" where I tried them all out. I'm in love. 

Yay for washi tape! Now I feel confident to buy all the sorts I've always wanted :) My birthday's coming up so they'll be sure to make the list this year.

Are there any crafty supplies you've been waiting for the chance to try out?


  1. what section is this in? i want in!

  2. Hey Aubrey -- it is in the office supplies, near the post-it notes section and it is with all the Up&Up brand things, underneath things like bulldog clips and magnetic clips. They had two different color schemes at my Target, but I imagine they have even more at larger Targets.

  3. I want some! havent found any affordable yet and its abit of a luxery :)

    yours looks ace