Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Blue Hole

I had a fabulous time when we went to Santa Rosa to visit the Blue Hole last week!

Here's me & Jeran last year on our first trip there in 2011:
& here we are just last week:
Now in the above photo, I was not only catching my breath from being submerged in the frigid waters, but also because I had just conquered one of my fears and jumped from the tallest cliff! Our first trip I was only brave enough to jump in from the smaller ledge, being left to watch from the side as the others jumped from more daring heights. But not this year! Jeran was kind enough to jump with me (:
You can tell if you look really closely, see how my faced looks rather pained? That is because I was still dreading the plunge. I was also debating wether to hold my nose or not, and decided against it at the last moment (wrong choice!).
It wasn't a big deal, little kids were doing it! For me, though, it was an enormous step to be able to do it. I'm a coward through and through, or shall we say overly cautious? I don't like getting hurt! I was really proud of myself for taking the plunge :)
The Blue Hole is so beautiful. The water is so refreshing and clean. In this photo (above) you can see different levels of the hole's floor. The one closest to my oh-so white legs is about 4 feet deep. From above you can see all the details through the water, that's how clear it is! The next, a lighter blue section, is about 15 feet under! Lastly, the darkest blue, goes all the way down 80 feet. Whoa.
Me and the lovely Miss Madasyn, soon to be Mrs. Madasyn Epp! She and Jeran's brother, Conner, got engaged earlier this year. I hope I get to take their engagement photos!
The boys were cold, but toughed it out to spend all afternoon playing in the nice water. We don't get anything like this in our neck of the woods - Amarillo is dry, dry, dry!
& this is my favorite shot from my film camera I took along ^^^ Cutie pie ^^^

Have you been anywhere fun lately? Anywhere close to me?? Do share ;)

XO Rita Jo

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