Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Journal Challenge - Accepted!

I've accepted the 30 day journal challenge by Janel from Run With Scissors -- I'm already nervous that I'm not going to be able to keep up, but I'm going to do the best I can :)

Janel's prompts are great, and her pages are so awesome! I hope someday that my journalling will progress like her's has.

I started out this week with great motivation, and it hasn't decreased yet, it's just that my seemingly doable to do lists keep not getting done.

I had intentions to set aside journal time each day, but finding a consistent hour has proven difficult so far. I also planned to kick butt on some crafts and to catch up on my virtual life (my email inbox is a nightmare!!).

So here I am, catching up a bit at least enough to show you my first page - June 1st :)
I had planned to take actual good-quality photos, but alack I couldn't fit it in yet. Someday soon I'll really catch up and add the real ones to my flickr and everything (:

The cropped version ^^^
The date is in the lower right hand corner, surrounded by the colorful cloud thingy.
 My list of "currently <3ing" continues after colors to list Florence & the Machine, the Game of Thrones, and graph paper ^_^

Well I hope you've enjoyed what little I let you see, and maybe you'll consider joining the challenge with me?? If you do be sure and let me know :)

XO Rita JO


  1. I love love love this!!! Your page is awesome and I LOVE florence and the machine! I actually got to meet Florence when they came to St. Louis!!

    1. I get to see her in concert this summer in CO! I can't wait for July to get here :D