Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Packin' up // Possum Kingdom 2012

I just wanted to pop by and let you know that this afternoon will be spent packing and gathering supplies and necessities for my impending trip to Possum Kingdom Lake, TX!
I'm sort of an if I'm going to not pack everything + the kitchen sink, I tend to take a long time.

This will be my 5th trip to the lake and I am still excited to get there! Jeran's family is a really fun and loving bunch of people. They've always made me feel super welcome. You can see my last post about it here.

This year I'll be photographing one of Jeran's cousins' wedding - they'll be having the ceremony there at the lake while the whole family is gathered. I'm really excited to get to share my talent on such a special occasion (:

So that's what I'll be off doing, beating the heat and swimming in a giant lake.
Have you got any plans for this weekend?

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  1. I LOVE PK! My mom lives in Mineral Wells, so we always make a trip to the lake when we're visiting.

    Have fun!! And be sure and share some of the wedding photos when you return :)