Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer has arrived!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen that I had my first s'more of the season this week, and man oh man was it good. To me, that is the official marker of summer beginning!

Later this afternoon I'll be loading up in Jeran's truck and hitting the road! We're going to Ransom Canyon, TX for a wedding (remember my dear friend Sara who helped me with this project?). Sara is marrying her best friend Tom tonight and I'm pretty excited to see what they've come up with. I love going to weddings and seeking inspiration from decor and music selections. Someday I'll get to use all my notes ;)

THEN tomorrow we'll be going to Santa Rosa, NM to swim in the Blue Hole - I tried to find a post that I did about this last year, but looks like I never made it up! For shame. I'll have to come back with this year's photos and compare them to last year's :P The Blue Hole is a natural spring in the middle of the arid country of New Mexico. It attracts scuba divers year round because they get to practice diving in cold temperatures and depth, which is pretty uncommon in the States.

Here are some fun facts about the Blue Hole:
  • Diameter-80' at surface, 130' at bottom
  • Depth-over 80'
  • Temperature-constant 64°
  • Visibility-80' when undisturbed
  • Flow-3,000 gallons per minute; water recycles every six hours
  • Altitude-4,600' above sea level making the bottom equivalent of over 100' of depth in the ocean

  • It's true that it is a constact 64 degrees (FREEZING COLD for water that you're going to swim in) and that you can see all the way to the bottom if you're lucky - it is that clear of water!

    So that's where I'm headed this weekend, hope you have equally fun plans ahead of you :)

    <3 Rita

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    1. So did you actually SWIM in the water? That sounds really cold! Oh my gosh, Rita, I want a pool so bad!

      Let's plan a date when we can go use Diane's soon! :)