Monday, July 2, 2012

Back to Business

Ahhh...back home at last. My vacation was the perfect mixture of relaxing and exhausting. Just enough for me to want to be home as well as have had a stuper (stoo-pur : combination of super and stupid in the sense of size and extremes) good time.

I should say it is also back to business...because my new business cards came in the mail while I was gone!!

Here is the design by itself:

I love playing around in Illustrator, and I liked the way these turned out. I have made some mental notes already of things I would do differently in the future. Have any of you got advice on business card designing? I'd love to improve even further, but at the moment I am stoked just have something to pass out! :D

Welp, I'm off to fill in the planner I bought myself today. Lots to do and prepare for - more on that next week ;)

<3 Rita Jo