Thursday, July 26, 2012

Caprock Roundup // Recap Part 1

Well, I'm back from my mini-cation to Denver, CO! I had a great time, but I am glad to be back home. I thought I'd share some of my experience from my sale at the Caprock Roundup. 

Here's my setup from the Caprock Roundup in Claude, TX a couple weeks ago.
This being my first ever event to share my artwork and handmade items with the world, I was glad that everything went alright and nothing was horribly out of place. Of course, I already have ideas of what I can do to improve in the future! 
On the far right side of my table, an assortment of handmade pins. The lizards were popular :P

Towards the middle of my table was my dinosaur necklace display. I took an egg carton and spruced it up with acrylic paint, giving it volcanoes and forestry. 

This guy deserves a merit badge for being the best booth boy around! He helped me out so much during this entire process. 
I even got to leave my table to look around at all the other vendors and meet some fellow artists and crafters while there (I'll be sharing some of my new friends' setups in part 2).

I took him out to see the new batman flick as a thank you :) <<btw,that movie is fantastic!>> 

I used a cork board to display necklaces. 

In the center of the table I had a make-shift portfolio containing some of my favorite photographs I've shot over the past few years. I think people enjoyed thumbing through it and seeing a larger variety of my work. I need to stock it even more! 
I also had a guest book that visitors could sign and leave their email address if they liked. That wasn't as popular :/ I think once I get to point of having a better marketing/branding identity that would be more important. You know, with a newsletter/coupons and things to sign up for. I'm still learning for sure :) 

So any of you that are more experienced with peddling your wares, have you got any advice for me? I've got another show coming up in a few months so I'll be brainstorming between now and then :)

<3 Rita JO

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  1. amazing! i love your dino stuff. trying to find wee dino's atm and a replacement orange one.

    stall looks really good :)