Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Denver, CO // Part 1

If you've come from Chandelier Jenny - hello!
I participated in an ad swap with her this month :)

Colorado was really amazing. The weather was great, especially the lack of crazy Panhandle wind!
We got do to a lot of things that are not accessible in my little city of Amarillo.
These images are from our first day there.

We landed in Denver after only an hour long flight, and with the time difference we arrived at the same time we departed Amarillo! Ha!
After we collected our bags we got our rental car. We took a day trip up to Fort Collins to visit Diane & Randy's friends that live there.

 Fort Collins was such a charming town. Most of the public restrooms had paper towel only trashcans - for their compost *squee* I love recycling and so this idea settled well with me. Cindy & Tom (the friends we went to visit) also had a chance to tell us about the natural alternatives to weed killers that they use in their (stunning) garden.

This is my Aunt & Uncle's cat, Copper. His eyes are so pretty! I hadn't seen my family that live in Colorado in more than five years. O_O That is just too long! They have a couple of other cats and two very pretty Huskies. Good food and better company, what more can you ask for while on holiday?

I'll be sharing Part 2 and Part 3 of our trip later this week. Thanks for reading :)

<3 Rita

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