Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gonna take him for a ride on a big jet plane...

A song I recently stumbled upon while listening to Pandora Radio fits perfectly with a trip that Jeran & I are taking this upcoming week.

Big Jet Plane by Angus & Julia Stone on Grooveshark

Our friends Diane and Randy are accompanying us to Colorado to go to a Florence and the Machine concert! I am beyond excited about this part of the trip, but I am also super pumped about getting Jeran on a plane haha!
Since we've been dating (six years now) we have never taken a plane for our travels. We've always gone places within driving distance. He hasn't been on one since he was a toddler and doesn't remember much except for the "patchwork quilt" out of the window.

Since I LOVE flying, I jumped at the opportunity for him to get to experience traveling in my favorite fashion. We'll be boarding our big jet plane on Tuesday morning! I'm even giving up my window seat (which I always grab it at all possible) for him.

This trip has a lot of firsts for us. It will also be my first time to Colorado! I've always heard about how beautiful and amazing it is there.

It will be my first real concert experience, I mean with bought and paid for tickets and seats and whatnot. I went to a lot of band showings in Amarillo when I was in high school. Dark, crowded rooms and repurposed, shut down bowling alleys turned into stages. I loved that scene so it will be interesting to see how I take to this sort of show.

Florence and the Machine is among my top favorite musical inspirations. That voice! Her hair! Her style!! I can't seem to get enough. I wouldn't be surprised if for the next few days leading up to our trip she's all that will be playing from my iPod.

This is my favorite song (as if I could choose just one...they are all so strikingly brilliant) and music video:

If you have any recommendations for food, thrifting, or fun things to do while in the Denver area leave a comment here and let me know where to go! 

Of course, the people of Colorado are also in my heart recently just because of all they've had to endure this summer. The wildfires sweeping across the state, and then the massacre in Aurora. I'm keeping all those affected in my prayers. 
I still feel haunted by the news of innocent people being mown down inside a movie theatre that night. I myself would've likely been at an event just like that one, had I not had to work the next morning. 
On this trip, I hope I can wrap my head around what has happened and keep my hope for humanity alive. 

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