Sunday, August 5, 2012

SCRAP Attack // My Love&Hate for Scrapbooking

The title of this post says it all.
I went to Italy in 2006 and it was the best trip I've ever taken my whole life. I saw so many new things, places, customs, people and more. Things I never imagined, and things I could never forget. I had the best intentions to come straight home and lay it all out, scrapbook style. I never wanted to forget a moment of that trip! Well, each and every time I got inspired to tackle the task at hand, I would get completely overwhelmed and have to put everything away again.
Until now.

I recently kicked ass and took names on this project! It isn't much, but it is a start. I'm all about progress over perfection, even though I'm about the biggest perfectionist there is and thus I don't get a lot done, haha. I'm working on it though, which is what counts for me now. Pictured above is my front page - the introduction to the awesomeness that was my adventure in Italy, already six years ago. Below is the back page to the front page ( 2 - don't worry, I'll get this down eventually). I plan to write with white ink on the large blue area (which incidentally is a barf bag from the international flight we took).

Humble beginnings, but I'm still very proud of them. I spent hours laying it all out, going through old receipts, photos, brochures, and other paper bits I saved along the way. I have a better idea of how to go about remembering this, maybe all I needed was to grow up a bit to be able to organize it somewhat in my mind?  

I collected quite a few memory-evoking paper bits while in Denver last week, too. I do not plan on waiting so long to scrap about it though! 

 My "helper" (more like Ms. Nosey), Rhino.

I'm keeping it all in a nice little brown paper sack from my favorite shop in Denver (getting it's own post soon) until I'm ready to work on it. 

 Have any of you ever been stuck on a project for so long and still made an attempt?
I'd love to hear any advice you have on the subject of not being overwhelmed when you get it all out and suffering from the where-do-I-even-begin phase.

<3 Rita Jo


  1. thank you, i was so shy about doing an outfit post but i think its okay :) the dress was just £6 and although i can't afford it it wasn't getting outer my grasp!

    YES! i have old glastonbury stuff and i've just got some a3 sketchbooks to scrapbook them in with photos. We hold ourselves back. so keep pushing through. :) i dont know the answer, i think with scrapbooking the perfection vs creating is a keen debate. maybe some wasabi tape would help motivate aswel? and make pages pretty.

    ps i think i've told you before but i love your header so much!

    barnicles x

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I have some washi tape actually! I want all of could easily become an addiction haha.

      Oh, and I'm glad you did your outfit post -- They are very nerve wracking to me too. I've only done a few myself, but I intend to do them more often.

      P.S. I am going to email you to get your mailing address because I have something I'd like to send you :3

    2. that would be lovely! email me anytime :)

      thanks for the encouragement, i shall try another outfit post soon! helpful to build my confidence and try diff outfits.

      You've also inspired me to get my scrapbook together! (yes i said together.. not started yet but getting there)

      B xx