Sunday, September 16, 2012


One thing that keeps coming up, unbidden: Babies.

Baby fever has struck (again)! Don't worry, I'm nowhere near having children yet, but that doesn't mean that I'm not all hyped up about babies.

My friends Jenny and Hillary are to blame. Jenny has the cutest baby bump I've ever seen, and the best nursery-decorating-style. Hillary has a little one already, Anthony, age 2. Despite that last fact, she's ready to have another one.
You can see a lot of my collected inspiration on my kid themed pin board.

Jenny's baby shower is this weekend, and I have the honor to be one of the hostesses. That means I've had the chance to fawn over all sorts of baby stuff, ooh and awe at everything at least twice, and daydream about the day when I'll be doing the things Jenny is doing now.

Hillary accompanied me to our local Once Upon A Child store today and gave me some sage wisdom on baby clothes. 

After hearing said advice, I reluctantly put this ADORABLE piece back on the rack.

She said you never want anything with more than three snaps, maybe four. At two in the morning, sleep deprived as you no doubt will be, the last thing you want to face is having to match up all the snaps on a squirming, squealing baby in the half dark.
So Jenny & Tyson's babe will be receiving clothes from me that abide by that rule :)

I love collecting all this true and tested mommy advice, someday it will come in handy!


  1. Yay! great advice. my sis has just had a boy two days ago so i will keep it in mind!

    im soooooo broody!

  2. thanks for reminding me I will have to finish off that post on museums, sweater dresses and dinosaurs!

    update update! we want more ritajophoto :)