Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wonderful time of year...

Jeran and I decorated the Christmas tree at his place last night. It was really fun! It's the first time we've decorated one together (: Jeran hasn't got any ornaments of his own (something I plan to remedy soon) so I went out and purchased him a case of generic "filler" ornaments from Target in his classic color scheme (red, grey, and silver). Those, coupled with my eclectic (and still small) collection of ornaments, filled up the tree quite nicely.

 I've been meaning to blog for ages, if you'll notice that my last update was back in SEPTEMBER. However, I've been soaking up life and taking time for me which has been really nice. I've been so busy with two jobs and a full schedule at school that blogging just got put on the back-burner along with everything else I do for fun. Except for that guy pictured above. He keeps me sane through all this hustle and bustle. I couldn't be more thankful for the years we've had together (our relationship turned 7 on November 1st) and all the encouragement he gives me.

Sorry to get all sappy on you! I'm wishing everyone a great first week of December!

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  1. wow congrats! 7 and still that happy! you guys look great together :)

    good luck with school, i just noticed you have a fb page! been meaning to grow mine.

    good luck surviving all your hard work! will pay off in the end :)

    we are decorating tree next week me thinks!